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Q997244 Inglês
Read the text to answer question.

Airline employee steals, crashes plane near Seattle

     US authorities are investigating the Friday night crash of a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft near Seattle-Tacoma airport in Washington state after an airline employee took off without clearance and flew the plane for about an hour before it crashed. 
    Two F-15 military fighter jets went up into the air in order to intercept the stolen airliner, and the airport closed for a short time.
    There were no passengers on board except the person who was operating the plane. It is believed that he is Richard Russel, a 29 year old local man who worked for the airline. Some media images showed the aircraft doing complicated and dangerous flying before crash. In an audio recording a conversation with an air traffic controller, the person piloting the aircraft said he was a “broken guy”. 

Adapted from news.airwise.com/story/airline...

“In order to”, in bold type in the text, is a _________ clause.
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