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                                               The Vikings

                         Raiders, travelers or brave explorers?

      The Vikings sailed the seas, attacked towns, and stole treasures all over Europe between 800 and 1100. They started from Scandinavia and attacked many countries in Europe. They settled in Britain, Ireland and France. They also crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Iceland and Greenland. They discovered North America but they also traveled east to Russia and south to Arabia.

      They were good farmers and excelient shipbuilders. They used their ships for war. They also used them to carry people and goods to new lands. In winter, when there was not much farm work to do, they stayed home and did other interesting jobs. Men made swords to use them in battle. The Vikings liked swords so much they often decorated them with gold and gave them names. Women cooked and made clothes, shoes, and jewelry for themselves,______ children and husbands.

      In 866 the Vikings captured an Anglo-Saxon town. They called it Jorvik and it was the capital of the Viking kingdom for 200 years. They made Jorvik rich and one of the most famous cities in Britain. Some years ago, archeologists discovered part of that Viking town in York, the modern city of Jorvik. They found many things such as jewelry, coins and clothes. If you ever go to York and you want to traveli back in time and see how the Vikings lived, visit the Jorvik Centre!

Adapted from Wilson, D. M. (1987) The Vikings, Activity Book, British Museum Press

All the statements below are correct about the Vikings, EXCEPT that they

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