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Q997239 Inglês
Read the text to answer question.

Celebrity Doubles

A group of teenagers is standing outside a shop in Manchester, England. Many of _____ have cameras and are looking in the shop window. ____ want to see the movie star Daniel Radcliffe. A man in the shop looks like Radcliffe, but ______ isn’t the famous actor. He’s Andrew Walker - a twenty-two-year old shop clerk. 
Walker isn’t surprised by the teenagers. People often stop _____ on the street and want to take his picture. Walker is a clerk, but he also makes money as Daniel’s double. Today, many companies work with celebrity doubles. They look like famous athletes, pop singers, and actors. The companies pay doubles to go to parties and business meetings. Doubles are also on TV and in newspapers ads. 
Why do people want to look like a celebrity? One double in the USA says, “I can make good money. I also make a lot of people happy”.

Adapted from World Link - Developing English Fluency

According to the text, we can infer that, EXCEPT:
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