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Brazil: Forest Protection Goes Digital

Landowners who broke Brazil’s environmental laws by clearing their farms of native forest used to have just one way to make right with government inspectors: plant trees. Now, they can clear their names by just pointing and clicking.

After decades of trying to protect rapidly shrinking forests, Brazil has launched a digital platform called BVRio, short for Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Green Exchange). Growers who have more untouched forest than legally required can sell “quotas,” one hectare at a time, to farmers who fall short for a price determined by supply and demand. Under the rule, growers have to keep a minimum amount of native growth on their properties, ranging from 20 to 80 percent of their land depending on the type of vegetation. The trading platform, launched in December 2012, allows farmers to find and negotiate directly with each other.
“they” in “Now, they can clear their names” refers to:
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