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Q1042028 Inglês

Read the text and mark the correct option.

Smartphones are rewiring our brains

With beeps, buzzes and chimes alerting us to crucial intelligences like the latest software updates we'll regret installing, and our work colleague's groundbreaking new profile picture, our mastery of concentration is slipping away. Focus is becoming a lost art. One study reported that adults between the ages of 18 and 33 interact with their phones an astounding 85 times a day, spending about 5 hours doing so. Interestingly, their usage was largely unconscious. They all thought they spent about half the time. For Larry Rosen, a psychologist at Califórnia State University, smartphones are really influencing our behavior.

Benjamim Storm, a psychologist at the University of Califórnia says: “The scope of the amount of information we have at our fíngertips is beyond anything we've ever experienced. The temptation to become reliant on it seems to be greater”. One of his studies offered strong evidence that the more students were allowed to use the internet to answer questions, the more they were prone to continue to use the internet, even when the questions became easier. “Some people think memory is absolutely declining as a result of us using technology”, he says. “Others disagree”. Based on the current data, though, I don't think we can really make strong conclusions one way or the other”.

(Adapted and abridged from: http://www.cbc.ca)

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