The text concludes that the challenge firefighting faces in ...

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The exciting technologies revolutionizing firefighting in 2022

    One of the most important tools for a firefighter in the field is the ability to communicate with other members of the crew, officers, and decision-makers. Communication can be the difference between being able to ask for – and receive – help, or being alone as fires move, shift, and change.
  Communication can be the difference between having the latest intelligence and knowledge about what is going on, or being in the dark. Communication is also the difference between having a coordinated, collaborative effort, or having a number of individuals operating independently – which is the least effective way to fight a fire.
    While cellular networks have expanded and improved tremendously – especially in the age of 5G – there are still areas of our country where cellular connectivity and other terrestrial mobile networks aren’t available. There are also some situations where the communications equipment that power terrestrial networks can be damaged in fires, and leave firefighters without connectivity.
    This is why mobile mesh networking will be a widely adopted technology for firefighters and hotshot crews in 2022.
   Mobile mesh networking can enable the use of communications and situational awareness tools – such as ATAK – off the grid in places where other terrestrial networks don’t exist. This means that firefighters will be able to share information and see each other’s locations even in isolated, remote locations. They can also be used to spread connectivity over a wide geographic area and to each individual without a single, centralized piece of equipment that can be compromised and fail. This means they can deliver resilient and redundant communications that is always available to the firefighter.
   Finally, mobile mesh networking can be a low-cost alternative to connecting IoT devices. Instead of each individual sensor requiring its own expensive cellular connection – or incredibly pricey satellite connection – mobile mesh can be used to connect IoT devices over a wide geographic area with no recurring cost. This can help accelerate fire-focused IoT programs, and enable the government to extend them to more areas at a lower cost to the taxpayer.
   Enabling resilient, reliable communications and situational awareness alone is enough to make mobile mesh networking a game-changer for firefighting. But its ability to inexpensively connect IoT devices and sensors that can make firefighting more proactive and less dangerous make mobile mesh technologies essential in 2022.

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The text concludes that the challenge firefighting faces in 2022 is to