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Learn how to prevent home fires

The best way to ensure fire protection is by preventing fires in the first place. Small steps add up to a safer home for you and your loved ones: switch to LED candles, avoid smoking indoors, keep an eye out for frayed wires, and teach your children about fire protection by informing them about the dangers of matches and lighters.
Keep emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and fire escape ladders in your home on each floor to help fight any fires that do occur. Checking your smoke alarms once a month can help prevent dead batteries and faulty detectors.
Now that you know what to do in case of a fire in your home, the next step is doing everything you can to make fire prevention a top priority. Consider a home security system with integrated fire protection to provide you and your family with safety and peace of mind.

house-fire/. Accessed on: July 30, 2021. [Fragment]
Preventing fires should be a priority to families. According to the text, which are the recommended emergency equipment to be kept at home?