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Q731113 Inglês

Normal-looking earrings will track your heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels, providing you with vital health statistics. If you thought Bluetooth headsets made businessmen talking to themselves in public look strange, these earrings will take that to the next level. Shoes will convert movement into energy, powering internal sensors and other wearable devices. The sensors will help the shoes cool and heat your feet as necessary, as well as track your exercise and any weight changes. Buttons haven‘t changed in decades, but they‘re about to get a big overhaul. Soon, they‘ll have embedded GPS, tracking your movements and learning your habits. That will let all your wearables react in real-time to your location, predicting where you‘re about to go or making suggestions on what‘s next. Getting lost will be a challenge, but if you somehow manage to end up in an unknown or dangerous place, your buttons will be able to contact your family or call 911 for help.
Disponível em: <http://time.com/see-the-wearable-tech-of-the-future/>.. Acesso em: dez. 2015 (fragmento).

De acordo com o texto, considere as afirmativas a seguir.

I. Brincos poderão ser usados para monitorar a saúde de seus usuários.

II. Brincos terão função semelhante aos fones com technologia Bluetooth.

III. Calçados servirão como geradores de energia.

IV. Botões funcionarão como sensores de temperatura corporal.

V. Botões terão influência sobre outras tecnologias portáteis.

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