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Q1739916 Inglês

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Brazil Becomes the Second Nation After the U.S. to Top

300,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Brazil topped 300,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, becoming the second country to do so amid a spike in infections that has seen the South American country report record death tolls in recent days.

The United States reached the grim milestone on Dec. 14, but has a larger population than Brazil.

On Wednesday, Brazil’s health ministry reported 2,009 daily COVID-19 deaths, bringing its pandemic total to 300,685. On Tuesday, the country saw a single-day record of 3,251 deaths.

According to local media reports, the latest coronavirus figures might be affected by changes in the government’s counting system. Newly appointed Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said in a press conference that he was going to check whether the numbers had been artificially reduced.

With daily death tolls at pandemic highs, state governors and mayors in Brazil have expressed fears that April could be as bad as March for the country’s overwhelmed hospitals.

Just in the past 75 days, Brazil has registered 100,000 confirmed coronavirus deaths, a spike health experts blame on a lack of political coordination in fighting the virus, new variants that spread more easily and a disregard for health protocols. 

President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday held a meeting with the heads of other government branches to coordinate anti-virus efforts. But he didn’t propose any policies to deal with the pandemic.

Bolsonaro has consistently downplayed the severity of the pandemic, insisting the economy must be kept humming to prevent worse hardship, and he has criticized health measures imposed by local leaders.

Adaptado de: SAVARESE, Mauricio. 2021. Disponível em: deaths/. Acesso em 26 mar. 2021.

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Q1739904 Matemática
Um empregado, demora 8 horas para cortar a grama de uma área com um cortador de grama com rotação máxima igual a 7500 RPM. Para agilizar o serviço, o dono do gramado, comprou um outro cortador de grama, com os mesmos detalhes e especificações da anterior, porém com rotação máxima igual a 12000 RPM. Assim, quanto tempo este empregado demoraria para cortar a grama da mesma área da anterior com este novo cortador de grama?
Q1739717 Inglês

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The Prepositional Verbs 

In English, many verbs are followed by prepositions and adverbs. In some cases these combinations are called ‘phrasal verbs’, while in other cases they are prepositional verbs. What’s the difference? Read on to find out more.

A prepositional verb is a verb that is followed by a preposition. The meaning of these two words together is usually very similar to the original meaning of the verb.

While the meaning of a phrasal verb is often different to the original meaning of the main verb, the meaning of a prepositional verb is usually the same as the main verb. Phrasal verbs also use adverbs as well as prepositions, whereas prepositional verbs do not.

Adaptado de: MILNE, Mary. 2019. Disponível em:,w hereas%20prepositional%20verbs%20do%20not.&text= Prepositional%20verbs%20cannot%20be%20separated . Acesso em 29 mar. 2021.

According to the text, mark the alternative which contains an example of PREPOSITIONAL VERB. 

Q1739715 Inglês
The words: should; mustn't; may; are examples of:
Q1739260 Matemática
A caixa d’água de uma família mede 2 metros de comprimento, 3 metros de altura e 2 metros de largura. Como essa caixa d’água ficava ao lado da casa, com o tempo a família precisou troca-la, e compraram uma caixa d’água com a mesma altura, mas com comprimento e a largura medindo 25 % a mais que a anterior. Quantos litros de água essa família irá gastar para encher esta nova caixa d’água?
1: A
2: A
3: C
4: C
5: D