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Questões Militares Para marinha

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Q1859194 Inglês
Which option completes the paragraph below correctly?
Brazil has joined Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) 
     “On July 30th, the Brazilian Navy ________ the invitation letter from the CCFM accepting the affiliation as a full member of the CMF. The Brazilian Navy ________ this kind of event an excellent opportunity ________ ties of friendship, as well as ________ cooperation and mutual respect among the participating navies,” a spokesperson for the Brazilian Navy ________. 
(Adapted from https://www.navaltoday.com) 
Q1859193 Inglês
Which option completes the text below correctly? 
     Do you feel mentally drained out ________ office? Are you constantly worried ________ meeting your deadline or are unable ________ achieve your targets? All these can lead ________ stress, a phenomenon faced _________ the majority of the working population.  
(https://www thehealthsite.com) 
Q1859192 Inglês
Which option completes the paragraph below correctly?
     [...] Go on, don't let the conversation die. Say something; just keep talking. "Do you read many novels? You do? _______, or some at least, though nonfiction is more in my line....".
(Adapted from CALVINO, Italo. If on a winters night a traveller. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.,1981. p.21) 
Q1859191 Inglês
Which word best completes the question below?
        _______ advice do you follow more, your parents' or your friends' advice? 
Q1859190 Inglês
Read the sentences below.
l She has a ______ job. Il- I enjoyed the movie at first, but after a time I got _______ with it. Ill- I was ______ at her knowledge of literature. IV- Which do you find more _______, traveling by car or by bus?
Which option completes the sentences correctly? 
1: D
2: B
3: B
4: C
5: E