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Q676280 Inglês

                                                         TEXT III

        A new Aviation English Test Speaks of Pilots’ voices and aviation safety

In addition ___(1) the development ___(2) various tests ___(3) response ___(4) the ICAO’s language proficiency requirement, a new test has been designed using flight simulators, ___(5) consideration of both the test takers and the ICAO’s fundamental focus ___(6) aviation safety. The test provides a familiar and work-related testing environment ___ (7) pilots, an efficient and cost-effective test system ___(8) airlines, and international credibility and valid evaluation tools to states, while fully covering both aviation and plain English Assessment needs.

                         (Jason Park and Tyler Kong ALTEON Training Asia LLC Seoul, Korea.) 

“…a new test has been designed using flight simulators,…” (sentence 01) given this sentence, its active form is
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