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Questões de Concursos

Q997246 Inglês
Read the text to answer question.

The cabin crew battled to save the passenger 

Ben Graham

     Shocked passengers watched as doctors and cabin crew tried to save the life of a critically ill passenger on a Qantas flight to Sidney on Friday. 
    A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed that the passenger ________ received tratment during the medical emergency couldn’t survive. 
   The flight from London, via Singapore, was forced to land in Adelaide because of the incident. No passengers got off the flight while it was in Adelaide.
    A witness on board told that everything started with a cabin announcement asking for any doctors on board. There were two passengers with medical training, but nothing could be done to save the passenger. The crew did everything they could, including performing CPR with a doctor on board, but unfortunately the passenger has passed away.

Adapted from nypost.com

Fill in the blank with the correct relative pronoun.
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