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Questões de Concursos

Q999296 Inglês
Read the text to answer question.

The cost of a cigarette

A businesswoman’s desperate need for a cigarette on an 8-hour flight from American Airlines ________ in her being arrested and handcuffed, after she was found lighting up in the toilet of a Boeing 747, not once but twice. She ___________ because she _______ violent when the plane landed in England, where the police subsequently arrested and handcuffed her. Joan Norrish, aged 33, yesterday ________ the first person to be prosecuted under new laws for smoking on board a plane, when she was fined £440 at Uxbridge magistrates’ court. 

Adapted from Innovations , by Hugh Dellar and Darryl Hocking.

Choose the best alternative to complete the text using verbs in the Simple Past:
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