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    We are now a nation obsessed with the cult of celebrity. Celebrities have replaced the classic notion of the hero. But instead of being respected for talent, courage or intelligence, it is money, style and image the deciding factors in what commands respect. Image is everything. Their image is painstakingly constructed by a multitude of different image consultants to carve out the most profitable celebrity they can. Then society is right behind them, believing in everything that celebrity believes in. Companies know that people will buy a product if a celebrity has it too. It is as if the person buying the product feels that they now have some kind of connection with the celebrity and that some of their perceived happiness will now be passed onto the consumer. 80 to look at it one way, the cult of celebrity is really nothing more than a sophisticated marketing scheme. Celebrities though cannot be blamed for all negative aspects of society. In reality society is to blame. We are the people who seemed to have lost the ability to think for ourselves. I suppose it’s easier to be told what to think, rather than challenging what we are told. The reason we are swamped by celebrity is because there is a demand for it.
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O texto, que aborda questões referentes ao tema do culto à celebridade, tem o objetivo de
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     In contemporary black popular culture, rap music has become one of the spaces where black vernacular speech is used in a manner that invites dominant mainstream culture to listen — to hear — and, to some extent, be transformed. However, one of the risks of this attempt at cultural translation is that it will trivialize black vernacular speech. When young white kids imitate this speech in ways that suggest it is the speech of those who are stupid or who are only interested in entertaining or being funny, then the subversive power of this speech is undermined.

HOOKS, B. Teaching to Transgress. New York: Routledge, 1994.
De acordo com Bell Hooks, intelectual negra estadunidense, o poder subversivo do rap consiste na possibilidade de
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Most people know of the Karen people from television documentaries, magazines and encyclopedias as the “long-neck” or “giraffe” tribe. But the women who wear these brass rings on their neck belong to a sub-group of the Karen known as the Padaung. Whatever the origin of the custom one of the more common reasons it continues today, particularly in Thailand, is tourism. Although the Padaung have migrated to Thailand in only the last ten years, they have become the most popular “attraction” for hill-tribe trekking tourists. Some have written of this as exploitation of the Padaung; many westerners liken the experience of visiting one of these villages to visiting a human zoo. Some tour operators in Thailand now refuse to take tourists into such villages, while some tourists boycott those operators that do.

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O texto que versa sobre a prática do uso de argolas no pescoço por mulheres de uma tribo que migrou para a Tailândia tem por finalidade
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Study: Literary Criticism Is Still Overwhelmingly Male

By Zach Schonfeld

Women writers are all over the best-seller lists, but

literary criticism is still predominantly a male field.

     That’s according to the latest numbers from the volunteer organization VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts, which works for gender and racial parity in the literary world. This year’s report covers prestigious publications like The New York Review of Books, which published 227 male reviewers last year but only 54 female reviewers, and The London Review of Books, which published 146 male critics and 44 women during the same period. The Paris Review “made great strides toward gender parity” in 2013, the report notes, but then slid and published substantially fewer women than men in 2014.

     As The Guardian points out, those figures are especially striking when you consider that women are more avid readers than men in the U.K., where some of the biggest offenders are based.

     The figures are not all disheartening. Major magazines like The New Yorker, The Atlantic and Harper’s all showed increases in the number of women published in 2014.

     That data are valuable (without VIDA, the figures would likely go untallied), and the broader awareness even more so. Top editors likely know gender disparity is an issue, but they’re more likely to pay attention to it when an organization like VIDA is paying attention to them.

SCHONFELD, Z. Disponível em:
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No texto, o autor lança mão de palavras como “literary ”, “male” e “female” para apresentar uma matéria jornalística cujo tema está relacionado ao(à)
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