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Ano: 2014 Banca: UniCEUB Órgão: UniCEUB Prova: UniCEUB - 2014 - UniCEUB - Vestibular - 2º Vestibular |
Q516025 Inglês

                    Gabriel García Márquez was a Literary Giant
                               With a Passion for Journalism

                      By Karla Zabludovsky Friday, April 18,2014

      The late Gabriel García Márquez holds a special place in the hearts of journalists.
      Like Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway — or contemporaries like Pete Hamill and Tom Wolfe — García Márquez, a titan of 20th century literature, honed his writing skills as a reporter
before he became a celebrated novelist.
      Even as his literary star rose, García Márquez, known colloquially across Latin America as Gabo, spoke proudly, tenderly and frequently about journalism.
      “Those who are self-taught are avid and quick, and during those bygone times, we were that to a great extent in order to keep paving the way for the best profession in the world… as we ourselves called
it," said García Márquez during a speech about journalism at the 52nd Assembly of the Inter American Press Association in 1996.

                                                                                                                                             Newsweek Magazine
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