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Amy Winehouse greets Whitney Houston in heaven

(by Hideaki Tailor)

      HEAVEN – Psychics are saying that Amy Winehouse was the first soul singer to greet Whitney Houston, even before Michael Jackson.

       Top psychics in Los Angeles are saying that Whitney Houston’s spirit is already “lighting up” heaven. “It’s like the universal source has called the greatest voice of all time back to heaven. It’s pure magic up there.”

     “Amy was right there. She gave Whitney a big angel hug and walked with her as she met some of her ancestors, relatives and… Michael Jackson.” 

      Both singers had trouble on earth with alcohol and drugs, but they are at peace now. “Fame was too much for their gentle souls,” said Madam Marie of Sherman Oaks. “Their voices were a gift to our world, but caused great damage to their spirits on earth. Now, they are in a better place.” 

     One psychic said that Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston are planning a “concert” together in Whitney’s first few months. “Amy’s been doing very well in heaven and feels free and happy.”

      While Americans and fans around the world mourn the terrible loss of Whitney, the angels are rejoicing. “Our songbird is home,” is what St. Peter reportedly said when greeting Whitney, according to a psychic on Venice Beach.

(http://weeklyworldnews.com. Adaptado.)

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