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Q880061 Inglês
Should Twitter entertain millions with public arguments?
Comedian Janey Godley's tweets of a couple's train-bound row raise questions of how to protect our privacy in public places.

If the troubles of the two travellers had made it on to a newspaper first rather than a comedian's Twitter feed, would we be so relaxed about loss of privacy? I think perhaps not. Social media has done so much for freedom of expression, it would be cruel if it actually leads to less social freedom for fear of having our every misstep, angry word or misbehaviour broadcast there for all to see.
(Adaptado de David Banks, Should Twitter entertain millions with public rows? The Guardian, 13/07/2012. Disponível em https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/jul/13/twittermillions-public-rows. Acessado em 10/07/2017.)

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