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Ano: 2017 Banca: COMVEST - UNICAMP Órgão: UNICAMP Prova: COMVEST - UNICAMP - 2017 - UNICAMP - Vestibular |
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Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours

China Southern Airlines Flight 380 was held up at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport after an elderly woman passenger caused a disruption, according to the airline’s official WeChat account. An investigation into the incident is under way.

Passengers boarding the flight reportedly saw an elderly woman throwing coins at the engine for “blessings” from the middle of the boarding staircase and alerted the crew.

Ground staff said the woman, who appeared to be about 80 and had limited mobility, was accompanied by her husband, daughter and son-in-law.

The captain was quoted as saying the metal, if sucked up by the engine, could have caused serious damage, including failure.

The flight was later given a green light and took off at 5.52pm, more than five hours late. It is scheduled to arrive in Guangzhou at 8.14pm.

(Adaptado de Sarah Zheng, Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours. South China Morning Post, 27/06/2017. Disponível em http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2100242/elderlyflight-passenger-throws-coins-engine-luck-delays-take. Acessado em 10/07/2017.)

O que é correto afirmar sobre o incidente relatado na notícia anterior?

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