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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2015 Banca: PUC-PR Órgão: PUC - PR Prova: PUC-PR - 2015 - PUC - PR - Vestibular |
Q809307 Inglês

Read the text and choose the alternative that completes the sentences with the CORRECT passive voice.

Britain’s Roman Villas

Numerous monuments recall the 400 or so years when Britain was part of the Roman Empire. Ancient city walls, old roads, front defenses. But it is at the villas that one feels closest to the everyday life of Roman Britain.

The villas were homes. In their kitchens bread 1 _________ (to bake). Along their corridors echoed family conversations. They 2 _________ well _________ (to build) and handsomely 3 _________.

The first villa 4 _________ (to build) around A.D. 80-90. It was a small farm. Later on, the house 5 _________ (to extend), kitchens and baths 6 _________ (to add).

It 7 _________ (to know) that many villas 8 _________ (to destroy) by fire. Their ruins remain hidden for years and it is often by accident that the site 9 _________ (to discover).

So in Hampshire a number of oyster-shells 10_________ (to find) by a farmer, and the shells, remnants of a long-ago feast, led to the discovery of the villa at Rockbourne.

Disponível em: <http://englishstandarts.blogspot.com.br/2012/06/passive-voice-texts-proverbs-and.html> . Acesso em: julho de 2015.

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