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Q809306 Inglês

Read the text.

Summer Solstice

June 21st (or 22nd) is the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere*. Solstice in Latin means "sun standing still." On that day it seems like the sun is standing still because there is more daylight than on any other day. It is the first day of summer and a special day for many groups of people. Many ancient cultures had many kinds of ceremonies on solstice. They celebrated light and fire. Many people also thought it was a time for love and growth. Nowadays many places around the world have parades or parties. The great English writer, William Shakespeare, said** whatever you dream on this night will come to pass. So, have great dreams on June 21! And if you are in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the longest day of the year.

* Summer solstice is on December 21 (or 22nd) in the southern hemisphere. June 21 (or 22nd) is the southern hemisphere's Winter solstice.

** in his play A Midsummer's Night Dream


solstice – the 2 times of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the earth's equator.

Equator – the imaginary (not real) line that divides the earth into 2 parts.

hemisphere – hemi means to divide into two, sphere means a round object like the earth. Hemisphere means one half of the circle. The northern hemisphere means above the equator or (middle) of the earth.

ancient – very old

come to pass – happen

Adapted from: <http://www.5minuteenglish.com> .

According to the text, it is CORRECT to say:

I. Solstice means that it looks like the sun doesn't move.

II. Summer solstice is on July 21.

III. Many ancient people celebrated summer solstice with fire.

IV. Nowadays no one celebrates solstice.

V. Shakespeare said whatever you dream about on June 21 will happen.