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Ano: 2015 Banca: PUC-PR Órgão: PUC - PR Prova: PUC-PR - 2015 - PUC - PR - Vestibular |
Q809305 Inglês

Read the text and choose the CORRECT option:

10 Mysteries of you: Superstition

Barack Obama likes to play basketball in the morning of an election. Golfer Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt when competing on a Sunday. Most of us have our own superstitions, even though we know rationally that they cannot work. Yet superstition is not entirely nonsensical. Our brains are designed to detect structure and order in our environment, says Bruce Hood at the University of Bristol, UK. We are also causal determinists - we assume that outcomes are caused by preceding events. This combination of sensing patterns and inferring causes leaves us wide open to superstitious beliefs. "But there are very good reasons why we have evolved these capabilities," Hood adds. Spotting and responding to some uncertain cause-and-effect relationships can be crucial for survival.

Disponível em:<http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20327201.400-10-mysteries-of-you-superstition.html> Acesso em: julho de 2015.

I. If Obama doesn’t play basketball, he won’t win the elections.

II. If Tiger Woods didn’t wear a red shirt, he will not compete.

III. There is a combination of factors which make people determinists.

IV. If we haven’t evolved such capabilities, we probably wouldn’t have survived.

V. If we evolved such capabilities, we will survive.