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Touching thermal-paper receipts could extend BPA retention in the body

When people handle receipts printed on thermal paper containing the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA), the toxic chemical could linger in the body for a week or more. Jonathan W. Martin of Stockholm University and Jiaying Liu of the University of Alberta asked six male volunteers to handle paper containing isotopically labeled BPA for five minutes. The volunteers then put on nitrile gloves, wore them for two hours, removed them, and washed their hands with soap. Afterward, the researchers measured the labeled BPA and its metabolites in the volunteers’ urine regularly for two days and then once again a week later. The study only traced the isotopically labeled (deuterated) BPA and its metabolites, so any additional BPA exposure from other sources was not monitored.
(Deirdre Lockwood, Touching thermal-paper receipts could extend BPA retention in the body. Chemical & Engineering News, 04/09/2017.)
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