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Ano: 2012 Banca: PUC - RJ Órgão: PUC - RJ Prova: PUC - RJ - 2012 - PUC - RJ - Vestibular - Inglês |
Q277187 Inglês
The authors, in the original publication of this text, added the following paragraph to support one of their arguments.

Another landmark text is Bhikhu Parekh’s Rethinking Multiculturalism (2000). His argument is that cultural diversity has an intrinsic value precisely because it challenges people to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their own cultures and ways of life. He distinguishes his multiculturalism from various liberal and communitarian positions that may recognise that cultures can play an important role in making choices meaningful for their members, or host the development of the self for the members of that culture.”

This paragraph would fit in immediately after the paragraph that ends in

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