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Questões de Concursos

Q228627 Inglês
Read the statements below:

I. The hijackers were the only people who tried to stop the planes from crashing against the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

II. Nakeira‘s teacher made her stay home watching the horrific scenes over and over again.

III. Genaro says he does not remember a thing related to September 11.

IV. Paris is only seven years old now and has not learned much about 9/11 yet.

V. Nancy‘s father was one of the victims of the collapse of the Twin Towers, that‘s why 9/11 became a frightening day for her.

VI. Lola witnessed the crash of the planes against the New York City buildings and understood immediately the meaning of the tragedy of 9/11.

According to the text, mark the CORRECT answer:
Você errou!   Resposta: Parabéns! Você acertou!