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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2011 Banca: COPESE - UFT Órgão: UFT Prova: COPESE - UFT - 2011 - UFT - Vestibular - Prova 1 |
Q228501 Inglês
Mark T (true) or F (false), according to the opinion expressed in the comics above:

I. The statements try to alert to the fact that many attitudes adopted by governments and industries have effects similar to terrorist actions.

II. The character‘s speech defends that the word terrorism should have a much broader meaning than we are used to.

III. It is possible that society and governments support actions that are sometimes as harmful as terrorist actions.

IV. Are considered terrorist actions to the character only those listed in the second balloon.

V. Sometimes terrorist actions are indeed trying to protect society.

VI. The character admits that all actions taken against the law should be considered terrorist attitudes.

Mark the CORRECT answer:
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