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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2012 Banca: COPESE - UFT Órgão: UFT Prova: COPESE - UFT - 2012 - UFT - Vestibular - Prova 1 |
Q264388 Inglês
Judge the following sentences and mark the correct answer:

I. Because of the success of the film Titanic 3D, premièred first in Belfast, people couldn't find or buy the so called Titanic tat.

II. We can say that the expression 'lingers on', in the title of the text, indicates that the Titanic, a famous big ship built more than a century ago, is still profitable to Belfast.

III. Most of the people who watched the opening of the Titanic Memorial Garden at Belfast City Hall were able to discern between commercial interests and respect for the dead while Prof. Robert Ballard wasn't.

IV. The way the names of the victims are listed on the plinth shows the privileges of one social class upon the others.

V. It is noticeable that the Titanic anniversary has helped decrease controversy among politicians.

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