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Ano: 2018 Banca: IF-SE Órgão: IF-SE Prova: IF-SE - 2018 - IF-SE - Vestibular - Segundo Semestre |
Q939481 Inglês
Brazil Protests Execution of Rights Activist Marielle Franco 

While the World Social Forum is taking place in Brazil this week, thousands of Brazilians marched to protest the execution of Marielle Franco, a prominent social leader, human rights activist and councilwoman.
Franco was shot and killed in Rio de Janeiro Wednesday night by unknown gunmen along with her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes, while her advisor was injured. 

Being a young Black Brazilian who grew up in a favela, Franco became one of Brazil's prominent defenders of human rights, focusing on the impoverished favelas that are often the target of gang and militias violence.

The day before she was murdered, Marielle complained about the violence in the city in a post on her personal Twitter account. In the post, she questioned the action of the Military Police. "One more homicide of a young man who may be coming in for the PM's account... How many more will have to die for this war to end?"9


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