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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2011 Banca: UDESC Órgão: UDESC Prova: UDESC - 2011 - UDESC - Vestibular - Prova 1 |
Q230507 Inglês
Read the Text 1 and answer the questions from 41 to 45.

                                                     Recycle – Reduce – Reuse

Easier – Recycle means to process old, used items in order that the material can be used to make new products. Examples of things that are often recycled are glass, plastic, newspapers, aluminum cans, used motor oil, and batteries. Here, reduce refers to lessening the amount of items or resources that are consumed, using only the amount that is needed, and looking for alternatives that will lessen our use. And reuse means extending the 'life' or repurposing an item rather than discarding or throwing it away. Harder – Recycling is the processes of collecting, processing, remanufacturing, and reusing materials instead of discarding them. This helps conserve raw materials and energy that manufacturers would otherwise use in producing new products. Recycling also reduces the amount of material going into landfills. Recycling helps lessen the pollution that may result from waste disposal. Reducing our consumption of materials and reducing the waste of materials also adds to the conservation of our resources. Disponível em: Acesso em: abr. 2011.  

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