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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2014 Banca: VUNESP Órgão: UEA Prova: VUNESP - 2014 - UEA - Vestibular |
Q466658 Inglês
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       Mr. Day was a teacher at a school in a big city in the north of England. He usually went to France or Germany for a few weeks during his summer holidays, and he spoke French and German quite well.
       But one year Mr. Day said to one of his friends, “I’m going to have a holiday in Athens. But I don’t speak Greek, so I’ll go to evening classes and have Greek lessons for a
month before I go.”
       He studied very hard for a month, and then 10 holidays began and he went to Greece.
       When he came back a few weeks later, his friend said to him, “Did you have any trouble with your Greek when you were in Athens, Dick?”
       “No, I didn’t have any trouble with it,” answered Mr. Day. “But the Greeks did!”

                                          (L. A. Hill. Elementary Stories for Reproduction, 1977.)

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