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Survey of geopolitics Geopolitics is a product of its time, and its definitions have evolved accordingly. Rudolphh Kjellén, who coined the term in 1899, described geopolitics as "the theory of the state as a geographical organism or phenomenon in space." For Karl Haushofer, the father of German geopolotik, "Geopolitics is the new national science of the state,(…) a doctrine on the spatial determinism of all political processes, based on the broad foundations of geography, especially of political geography". On the eve of World War II, Derwent Whittlesey, the American political geographer, considered geopolitics "a dogma*... the faith that the state is inherently entitled to its place in the sun". Richard Hartshorne defined it as "geography utilized for particular purposes that lie beyond the pursuit of scientific knowledge". (Adaptado de Saul Bernard Cohen, Geopolitics of the world system. Boston: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2003. p.11.) Conforme o texto,
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