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Ano: 2011 Banca: COPESE - UFT Órgão: UFT Prova: COPESE - UFT - 2011 - UFT - Vestibular - Prova 01 |
Q265970 Inglês

Mark T (true) of F (false), according to the scene shown in the comics:

I. The man pays too much attention to the bird and disregards the computer.

II. It seems that the man doesn‘t even look at the bird and, if he did, he would probably notice that the parrot doesn‘t look well.

III. Actually, it is clear that the man has spent a lot of time online and it seems that he is more interested in browsing the Web than in taking care of his pet.

IV. The parrot seems to be dead and the apparent death of the bird is completely ignored by the man.

V. In relation to the bird in the cage, the man seems to act carelessly and neglectfully.

VI. The man doesn‘t even talk to the parrot.

Mark the CORRECT answer:

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