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Q738388 Inglês

 Leia o texto a seguir.

                                                               LEARNING FROM THE LAZARUS EFFECT

Most clinical trials for cancer drugs are failures. But for a handful of patients, a drug proves to be nearly a cure. What can science learn from these “exceptional responders”?

 For years, Grace Silva had experienced odd episodes with her throat — bouts of swelling and radiating pain that seemed to resolve with antibiotics — but her doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong. Finally, after a flare-up in the summer of 2010, Grace was referred to a specialist, an ear doctor who felt something amiss on the left side of her throat: a lump. The Silva family agreed that it was time to get Grace, then 54, to a thyroid specialist. Grace’s daughter Melanie tracked down the name of one at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a 90-minute drive from Grace’s brown clapboard split-level near New Bedford, Mass. In September 2010, the specialist delivered the diagnosis: anaplastic thyroid cancer. It was bad, he warned her, and she would need surgery. Grace’s other daughter, Karrie, was marrying in a few weeks. “Can’t it wait?” Grace asked. It could not. “And whatever you do,” the specialist said, “please don’t look it up on the Internet.”


Assinale a alternativa CORRETA de acordo com o texto.

I. O título do texto sintetiza o caso de morte súbita relatado no texto.

II. Muitos medicamentos utilizados para combater o câncer não funcionam.

III. A busca de informações sobre doenças na internet é indicada.

IV. O câncer mencionado no texto apareceu na região da garganta da paciente.

V. O subtítulo do texto visa chamar a atenção para o uso de um medicamento que tem demonstrado proporcionar resultados promissores.

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