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Questões de Concursos

Ano: 2018 Banca: FAPEC Órgão: UFMS Prova: FAPEC - 2018 - UFMS - Vestibular |
Q939213 Inglês

Read the text below.

The methodological suggestions presented by the official documents about education in Brazil, the National Curriculum Parameters, point to a socio-interactionist practice regarding the language teaching. To produce texts, therefore, is to act symbolically for the world, producing meanings for the other. In this production, the man, as a social being, acts in an ordered and organized manner in relation to the other. It is, thus, established what is called social interaction about which Marcuschi claims not to be "a chaotic activity, neither random or mechanical, but directed, coordinated and intentional." Social interaction is one of the most important devices for the social construction of reality, because the participants of the interaction are social constructors who use language as a facilitator way in this relationship to reach their various purposes and objectives. In this social practice, considering the different forms of language manifestation, one can not deny the undoubted presence of technology, which advances in the relations of interaction, especially among young people, through the social networks at the Internet. PRIETO, Sandra. A importância dos gêneros digitais na escola. Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro. São Paulo, São Paulo, 05658-080, Brasil. (adaptado, tradução nossa). Disponível em: .http://www.iiisci.org/journal/CV$/risci/pdfs/CB844PO14.pdf.

According to this text, consider the following statements.

I - Technology, especially with the arise of the Internet, redefined an immense virtual social network, that connects the most diverse individuals by the most diversified forms at an astonishing speed.

II - The new scenery of digital technology relativized the need for physical presence at human beings’ relations and at their social life. This gives a new notion of social interaction, which can be achieved in digital media, through, among other, social media. In addition to this new format of social interaction, it brings to reflection a new way of using as the language in writing as an interactive practice.

III - The spaces of learning in the digital age are integrated not only between the social spaces (home, family, friends, leisure, physical community in general), but also with all virtual space and, so that one can live better into the society of knowledge, information and communication, it isn’t necessary to develop specific skills for the written interaction that allows the individual to pass through, occupy and interact, efficiently all these social contexts.

IV - There are the need and the importance of the school's role in relation to these new textual supports that emerge new digital genres, which should be incorporated into the academic context for a formation for the whole life.

It is correct what is stated on:

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