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Ano: 2018 Banca: FAPEC Órgão: UFMS Prova: FAPEC - 2018 - UFMS - Vestibular |
Q939210 Inglês

Read the text below.

Taking the news into account, consider the following statements.

I - Jennifer Rocca, a high school librarian in Brookfield, Connecticut, was among several supporters who urged lawmakers to pass the legislation.

II - Jennifer Rocca’s digital literacy course, a requirement for freshmen, challenges students to evaluate the credibility of online sources so they can spot falsehoods and biased information. She requires students to cite their sources when conducting research and explain why each would have the authority to be credible.

III - The Lawmakers have pushed schools to incorporate media literacy — including the ability to evaluate and analyze sources of information.

IV - Studies show many children spend hours every day online but struggle to comprehend the content that comes at them.

It is correct what is stated on:

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