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Teen Texting: Girls versus Boys

By Victoria Stern

A new study from the American Psychological Association evaluated how 211 girls and 192 boys communicated via text and found notable gender differences in overall behavior and compulsive use:

• Teenage girls use texting for social connection, whereas boys mostly use it to convey information.

• Boys and girls send about the same number of texts every day, but girls are more likely to become compulsive texters.

• Teenage girls who compulsively text see a steeper decline in their grades than their compulsive male counterparts. The researchers suggest the social content of girls' messages may be more likely to distract them from their academic tasks.

• Compulsive texting also appears to affect girls' mental health more than boys', perhaps because girls are more prone to text about negative feelings and to ruminate on those feelings.

Disponível em: : <http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/teen-texting-girls-versus-boys/> .Acesso em: jan. 2016 (fragmento).

According to the text, I. gender does play a role in texting behaviors of teenagers. II. males tend to become as compulsive texters as females. III. females seem to share more personal feelings than males. IV. texting affects academic success of both boys and girls. V. females send more texts than their male counterparts.
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