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Though many video cameras have microphones built in, you’ll get better quality audio with a lavalier or headset microphone, because the mic itself can be much closer to the source of the audio.

Our ears and brain can filter out ambient noise so we can listen to what’s important, but microphones cannot, and a mic placed several feet away from the subject will pick up a lot of extra noise (heating/air conditioning systems, automotive traffic, people walking in a hallway, etc.) that will be noticeable and probably distracting in the final recording.

If possible, record a minute or several minutes of the subject speaking normally as they will during the interview and listen to the recording to see how much extra noise is audible; the less, the better.

Tip: get the mic as close to the subject as you reasonably can without it being visually distracting.

(How to Record High-Quality Audio and Video, Andrew Minion, 3 Apr 2014. Disponível em: https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/ how-to-record-high-quality-audio-and-video-cms-19668)

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