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    Ano: 2014
    Banca: FUNCAB
    Órgão: SEE-AC
    Read the text below and answer the questions that follow:

    Text 2:

    English for Adults & Seniors!

    Learning a language isn’t only for the young! It’s for everyone and if you are an older learner,maybe 40+ to 70+ then joining an English Language Course in an environment with people in similar age groups is a greatway to do it.

    When you join a course at one of the International Schools you will find that approximately more than 20% of our students are aged 30 to 44 and a further 32% are aged 45 to 75 - sometimes older. You aremore than likely to find yourself in a class with people of a similar age;

    Some mature students choose Business English courses for their working needs but many more join standard General English courses or the Intensive English Mini-Group courses. Courses like these help you to combine your language course with a holiday and you can make your own afternoon programme or join social programmes which are designed to have a variety of different activities suitable for all the age groups at the school. The programme changes every week and you can see samples of all the different activities on the social programme pages or on Facebook pages.

    Mature learners will feel safe joining one of the International Schools. You will find others of a similar age in your class at all times of year

    The International School ( I S ) accommodation is also suitable for older clients - you can choose froma homestay with a private bathroom, an apartment, but most convenient of all is Club IS Hotel which is opposite the school. Club IS is for mature individuals who are studying at the school. Classes are always organised according to level and according to age groups.

    (Adapted from: < http: /courses-for-adults- seniors>)

    Read the following sentences:

    1. “Afriend in need is a friend indeed."
    2. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise."

    These sentences are examples of:

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