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    Ano: 2015
    Banca: NC-UFPR

                                                 Smart Greenhouse

    Control the light, watering, temperature, and humidity of your greenhouse – automatically.

                                                                                                                                      Kevin Farnham

          Smart Greenhouse, one of three professional category winner in the 2014 IoT Developer Challenge, is an Internet of Things (IoT) device and application that monitors and controls a greenhouse environment. The concept for Smart Greenhouse came into being after the core team – Dzmitry Yasevich, Pavel Vervenko, and Vladimir Redzhepov – attended JavaOne Russia in April 2013. There, the team saw presentations of a smart house, various robots, and other devices, all controlled by Java.

          Yasevich notes, “We were impressed by these solutions and had an idea to do something like that. Pavel Vervenko suggested making an automated greenhouse. Everyone liked the idea!”.

          First, the team selected the hardware. “We started to use Raspberry Pi as a basis”, Yasevich says. “It is a compact but fullfedged computer with 700 MHz and memory at 512 MB. This system costs around $35”.

          However, early on, a safety concern arose. “Current under high voltage passes in the greenhouse, and there is an automatic watering system, so it was necessary to properly consider all the aspects related to insulation”, Yasevich says.

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