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Questões de Inglês - Pronome demonstrativo | Demonstrative pronoun para Concurso

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Q1801494 Inglês
The defenders of Normandy were not the best of Hitler's army. Those were in Russia and Italy, as well as in France, but on the other side of the Seine, the Pas-de-Calais, which the Germans thought the more likely invasion target. (Extracted from Time– June 6, 1994) – O pronome demonstrativo "those" faz referência aos:
Q1791834 Inglês

Internet: <https://www.nytimes.com/> (adapted).

Based on the text and considering the grammatical aspects of the English Language, judge the item.

“it” (line 13) refers to “Ferranti Mark 1” (lines 13 and 14).
Q1735522 Inglês

Answers the question according to the text below.


The time to embrace change in education is right now! In fact, it’s long overdue. Did you know that the model for modern-day public education was created by the need for on-time mechanical workers during the industrial revolution? That was certainly a technological disruption, but it happened 250 years ago. It’s what we call the front-lead method, and it’s not the best model for addressing the learning needs of many students: divergent thinkers, neurodiverse minds, creatives, scientists, and the list goes on. Which brings us to our next point: it’s time for the next wave of disruption. Luckily for us, it’s here. And it’s been here since 1989, when Tim Berners-Lee — a British scientist from CERT — invented the World Wide Web. We know, you use the internet every day, and it’s great, but maybe you’re skeptical that it can revolutionize education. Well, if you didn’t know, it already is. A large body of evidence-based, peer reviewed work points to the web as one of the central hubs for positive educational change today. It’s our connection to others, our access to a world of educational resources, it’s a format that works for many learners, it’s at the heart of countless services (that don’t work in an unconnected world), and it’s driving access to education. 

The pronoun IT (line 11), refers to:
Q1722417 Inglês
Analyze the fragment below.
Though the bright scene before us betrayed ____ words, I was nevertheless certain of ___ place on the calendar.
Identify the option that completes the context given.
Q1694820 Inglês
Analyze the sentences extracted from the article, then choose the alternative that best explains the underlined elements, respectively.
i. […] that’s how we’re going to meet those targets. (line 12) ii. These are chiefly focused on scientific, policymaking and political capacity […] (line 35)
1: C
2: E
3: C
4: A
5: C