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February 25, 2019

By LiseAlves, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Exactly one month after Brazil's most deadly mining disasters, firefighters and volunteers still search for at least 131 people still missing under tons of mud left behind after adam in the Feijão mining complex, owned by Brazilian giant, Vale, gave way on January 25th. So far 179 corpses have been retrieved and identified.

"The search starts at 5 am, when the teams get up. At 6:30 am, we gather for directions, a safety briefing and guidelines of what will be dane throughout lhe day. The teams are then taken into the field," firefighter Lt. Col. Anderson Passos tells journalists.

"At the end of lhe day, when the teams return, they give us feedback on how lhe search went. We then hold a meeting to plan lhe next day and everything repeats itself," concluded the official.

(Adapted from:ío-po!ítics/month-after-brumadínho-dam-tragedy-131-still-míssing/)

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