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Q2201224 Inglês

Read the text and answer the question.

The verbs “was”, “ate” and “chewed” are in the  
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Complete the text with the correct words:
Liz Truss is _________ under pressure from Tory MPs to ensure benefits rise in line with prices, with minister Penny Mordaunt arguing it "makes sense". Former PM Boris Johnson _________ benefits would rise with inflation. Ms Truss has refused to say she _________ maintain the commitment, as she faces questions over how to pay for her government's tax-cutting plans. The PM told the BBC a decision _________ yet been made, as the issue dominated Tory party conference in Birmingham. Speaking to Times Radio, Ms Mordaunt said: "We tomake sure that people are looked after and that people can paytheir bills. We are not about _________ to help people with one hand and take away with another."  _________ if she welcomed Ms Mordaunt _________ her views public, Ms Truss said: "I _________ forward to having those discussions." 
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The sentence “But I’ve developed a new philosophy” is an example of Present Perfect. Choose the alternative which follows the same grammar rule.  
Q1986278 Inglês
Which option is grammatically INCORRECT? 
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Read the sentences below.
I wasn’t looking for this but now you’re in my way your stare was holding ripped jeans skin was showing.”
The correct verb tense in bold is: 
1: D
2: A
3: D
4: B
5: B