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If Women Had Their Own Currency, Here’s What It Would Be Worth

Charlotte Alter @charlottealter Maya Rhodan @m_rhodan July 31, 2014

   After a little girl asked President Obama why there aren’t any women on U.S. currency, he said that adding some female faces to our cash sounded like a "pretty good idea". Almost immediately, all of our fantasies came alive on the web. What would, let’s say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like on a $20 bill? Where would we spend our Beyoncé $10 bill first? Will our grandmas give us a Susan B. Anthony $5 bill on our birthdays and tell us not to spend it all at once?

  But then we remembered: because of the wage gap, a dollar for a woman is not the same as a dollar for a man. Although the true extent of the gender pay gap is widely disputed even among feminists, President Obama said in the 2014 State of the Union that women make only 77¢ for every dollar a man makes.

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Nas notas e moedas de dólar norte-americano, estão estampados apenas bustos de homens. Ao imaginar a possibilidade de inclusão de figuras célebres femininas às notas, o autor do texto indica que
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Women in Theatre: Why Do So Few Make It to the Top?

An all-female Julius Caesar (A Shakespeare play) has just hit the stage, but it's a rarity in theatre. In a special report, Charlotte Higgins asks leading figures why women are still underrepresented at every level of the business — and what needs to change.

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O vocábulo “rarity” tem um papel central na abordagem do assunto desse texto, que destaca a

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Vogue Magazine’s Complicated Relationship with Diversity
   Edward Enninful, the new editor-in-chief of British Vogue, has a proven history of addressing diversity that many hope will be the start of an overhaul of the global Vogue brand. 
   In March, he responded sublimely when US President Donald Trump nominated Supreme Court judge Neil Gorsuch, who allegedly does not care much about civil rights: Enninful styled a shoot for his then employer, the New York-based W magazine, in which a range of ethnically diverse models climb the stairs of an imaginary "Supreme Court". In February, after Trump initiated the much-debated immigration ban, Enninful put together a video showcasing the various fashion celebrities who have immigrated into the US. Even before his first official day in Vogue’s Mayfair offices, Enninful had hired two English superstars of Jamaican descent in an attempt to diversify the team. Model Naomi Campbell and make-up artist Pat McGrath both share Enninful’s aim of championing fashion as a force for social change. 
   One can only hope that Enninful’s appointment is not a mere blip, but a move in the right direction on a long road to diversity for the global brand.
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Considerando-se as características dos trabalhos realizados pelo novo editor-chefe da Vogue inglesa, espera-se que a revista contribua para a 

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GOAL has worked to improve access to food for highly vulnerable and food-insecure households in many districts of Zimbabwe. We identify such households, supply them with monthly food rations, and conduct monthly post-distribution monitoring. GOAL works in the same districts, to improve access to food for the most vulnerable primary school children during the peak hungry months. The emphasis is on orphans and vulnerable children. GOAL provides short-term food security support to other vulnerable households by increasing the availability of grain, and by helping enhance their ability to meet basic needs.

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Tendo como público-alvo crianças órfãs e em situações de vulnerabilidade, a organização não governamental GOAL tem atuado no Zimbábue para

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A observação dos elementos verbais e visuais do anúncio leva-nos à compreensão de que o objetivo da companhia de abastecimento de água de Denver é

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