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Q1740317 Inglês
Tex-Mex Cuisine
Tex-Mex is a well-known cuisine in the United States, although many people are not certain what it actually is. One fact that everyone agrees on is that it is a style of cooking from the southern state of Texas. It combines Texan ingredients with Mexican recipes, because the state has a large population from south of the border. The combination makes a tasty, exciting type of home cooking that is popular all over the state.
One of the most popular dishes is the enchilada. It is a type of corn tortilla which contains chicken or melted cheese, with plenty of onions. There are usually some beans or rice with this dish. Some Tex-Mex restaurants serve enchiladas with three sauces in red, white, and green, the colors of the Mexican flag.
Along with enchiladas, which are soft, there are also tacos. These are hard, crispy pieces of corn which are fried in oil. Cooks then stuff them with beef in a rich tomato sauce, as well as onions and cheese. As with many Tex-Mex dishes, there aren’t any rules for eating them, except that it is best to use your hands. They are often messy to eat because they are full of sauce and cheese. You can put almost anything in them, which is why this versatile Mexican dish is now popular all over the US.
Analyze the sentences below according to structure and grammar use. 1. The words ‘they’ and ‘them’ in bold in the text, are respectively: subject and object pronouns. 2. The underlined word in: ‘…although many people are not certain what it actually is.’ Means ‘nowadays’. 3. In: ‘One of the most popular dishes is the enchilada’, the underlined words are examples of the superlative degree of adjectives. The alternative which presents the correct sequence is:
Q1739959 Inglês

According to the picture, what is the correct possessive pronoun to use?

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Q1739275 Inglês
Read the text bellow in order to answer the question:

“Coronavirus, Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine
Now that the new coronavirus and COVID-19, the illness it causes, are spreading among communities in the United States and other countries, phrases such as ‘social distancing’, ‘self-quarantine’ and ‘flattening the curve’ are showing up in the media.

What is ‘flattening the curve’?
Flattening the curve refers to using protective practices to slow the rate of COVID-19 infection so hospitals have room, supplies and doctors for all of the patients who need care.

A large number of people becoming very sick over the course of a few days could overwhelm a hospital or care facility. Too many people becoming severely ill with COVID-19 at roughly the same time could result in a shortage of hospital beds, equipment or doctors.
On a graph, a sudden surge in patients over a short time could be represented as a tall, narrow curve.
On the other hand, if that same large number of patients arrived at the hospital at a slower rate, for example, over the course of several weeks, the line of the graph would look like a longer, flatter curve.
In this situation, fewer patients would arrive at the hospital each day. There would be a better chance of the hospital being able to keep up with adequate supplies, beds and health care providers to care for them.”
Read the statements about the text from question and classify them as true (T) or false (F):
( ) The pronoun “it” in the first paragraph refers to the word “illness”. ( ) The modal verb “would”, in the excerpt “fewer patients would arrive at the hospital each day”, adds the idea of possibility to the sentence. ( ) The expressions “showing up”, “look like” and “keep up” are examples of phrasal verbs used in the text. ( ) If the text was all written using Past Simple Tense, none of the words become, have, cause, refer and show would be written using the suffix ed. ( ) The pronoun “them” in the last paragraph refers to “supplies, beds and health care providers”.
Choose the alternative with the correct sequence:
Q1738387 Inglês
How’s Daisy? Give _______ my love.
Q1738044 Inglês
Complete: Anny has many friends. Chris and Karen are friends of ____. She likes _________ very much.
21: D
22: B
23: E
24: D
25: A