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    The Butler
    The long White House service of an African-American butler
    Cecil Ganes (Forest Whitaker) is used as a prism through
    which we view the development of the civil-rights movement.
    As the liveried Cecil, silent and dignified, serves sandwiches
    and coffee and exchanges courtesies with a variety of chief
    executives, Cecil’s son, Louis (David Oyelowo), becomes a
    militant and manages to hit every highlight, including the
    Freedom Rides in 1961, and Martin Luther King’s motel room
    on the day that he’s shot. The movie’s right-mindedness is
    relieved now and then by scenes at Cecil’s house, where his
    wife, Gloria (Oprah Winfrey), grows restive and resentful,
    drinks and dallies with a neighbor.

    The title of Neil Blomkamp’s new film, set in the year 2154,
    refers to a space station: a haven for the wealthy, spinning just
    beyond the limits of our polluted planet. Our hero is Max (Matt
    Damon), who, like the majority of humans, toils and sweats on
    Earth, where the cops are intemperate robots. After an accident
    at work, he takes on a reckless task, assailing an evil billionaire
    (William Fichtner) and winding up on a shuttle to Elysium,
    hell-bent on reaching this artificial heaven and obtaining
    justice. Rather than viewing a future world from a distance and
    admiring its digital enhancements, we feel thrust into the thick
    of it with such immediacy and sensory impact that, like most of
    its inhabitants, we can only dream of escape.

    Enough Said
    This mild romantic comedy has an up-front twist that’s beside
    the point. Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a California divorcée who
    works as a masseuse, goes to a party and meets Marianne
    (Catherine Keener), a poet who becomes a client and a friend,
    and Albert (James Gandolfini), a TV historian, who soon
    becomes Eva’s boyfriend – and who turns out to be Marianne’s
    ex-husband. Much else is beside the point, too, such as Eva’s
    trivial conflicts with her daughter, Ellen (Tracey Fairaway),
    who’s about to leave home for college, as is Albert and
    Marianne’s daughter, Tess (Eve Hewson).
    The New Yorker. September 23, 2013, p. 22 (adapted).

    Based on the three film summaries presented above, judge the following items.

    In The Butler, Oprah Winfrey plays the role of the main character’s drunk and unfaithful wife.

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