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    Ano: 2014
    Banca: CESPE
    Órgão: SEDF
          There are people who are latecomers wherever they go. Lateness is their way of life.

          Chronic lateness has spoilt friendships, and it’s a habit that has caused people to lose their jobs. Why, then, are so many people late?

          According to some specialists, not arriving on time can be a form of avoidance. You are late for a party, or coming home from work because you don’t want to be where you’re supposed to be. It can also be a habit learned on childhood from a parent or an old brother or sister who also ran late. For others, it’s a result of an inability to judge time.

          Whatever reason people have, lateness almost always annoys those of us who are always prompt to attend our commitments.

                Diane Washawsky. Spectrum book 4. Ana Veltford. Prentice Hall Regents. p.156 (adapted).

    Based on the text, judge the following items.

    Some people lose their jobs because they are habitually late.

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