Questões de Concurso Público EPE 2022 para Analista de Gestão Corporativa - Recursos Humanos

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Q1898227 Inglês
The main aim of Text I is to present
Q1898228 Inglês

Based on the information provided in the first paragraph, mark the statements below as true (T) or false (F).

( ) The current pandemic has hindered the development of renewable energy.

( ) Solar PV technology will be a financial nuisance to most markets.

( ) Energy economy is an issue that goes beyond national borders.

The statements are, respectively, 

Q1898229 Inglês
The extract that states that the transformation discussed in the text has met some resistance is: 
Q1898230 Inglês
The sentence “Covid-induced recession is putting major strains on parts of today’s energy system” (2nd paragraph) suggests that the recession has 
Q1898231 Inglês
The underlined passage in “For all the advances being made by renewables and electric mobility, 2021 is seeing a large rebound in coal and oil use” implies that the use of coal and oil is
1: D
2: C
3: D
4: A
5: B