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RUP (Rational Unified Process) - Processo Unificado Rational


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Aplicada em: 2017
Banca: FCC
Órgão: TRE-PR

The Rational Unified Process-RUP describes how to effectively deploy commercially proven approaches to software development. These are called best practices not so much because it´s possible to quantify precisely their value, but rather, because they are observed to be commonly used in industry by successful organizations. RUP provides each team member with the guidelines, templates and tool mentors necessary for the entire team to take full advantage, following best practices. One of these practices shows how to visibly model software to capture the structure and behavior of architectures and components. This allows the developer to hide the details and write code using graphical building blocks. Visual abstractions help to communicate different aspects of the software; see how the elements of the system fit together; make sure that the building blocks are consistent with the code; maintain consistency between a design and its implementation; and promote unambiguous communication. The industry standard UML, created by Rational Software, is the foundation for successful modeling.

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