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Questões de Inglês - Pronomes interrogativos | Question words para Concurso

Foram encontradas 23 questões

Q1794196 Inglês
Complete the interview below with the correct interrogative pronoun: Mr. Smith is applying for a job. Right now, he is being interviewed by Mrs. Joy, head of the personnel department.
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Mrs. Joy: is your full name, please? Mr. Smith: Thomas Wilson. Mrs. Joy: are you from? Mr. Smith: Canada. Mrs. Joy: were you born? Mr. Smith: I was born on March 7, 1956. Mrs. Joy: did you know about our job offer? Mr. Smith: Through the ad you put in the newspaper.
Q1791838 Inglês

Internet: <https://www.nytimes.com/> (adapted).

Based on the text and considering the grammatical aspects of the English Language, judge the item.

“who” (line 25) can be replaced by that.
Q1765619 Inglês

Complete each sentence using where/whom/whose/who and choose the right answer below:

I - He doesn´t know the name of the dog to.........Ispoke yesterday night.

II - A house is a place.......people live togheter.

III - A humorista is a person.......believes that all the people are happy.

IV - An elephant is an animal........children are also very big.

V - The place........we spent our days was really wonderful.

Q1765582 Inglês

The sentences below need to be completed with where/whom/whose/who. Choose the right answer:

I - He doesn´t know the age of the girl to.........he saw saturday night.

II - A church is a place.......... people pray a lot.

III - A doctor is a person .......... care the health of people.

IV - A father is a man.......... play the children a lot.

V - The school........I studied was really fantastic.

Q1765557 Inglês

Complete each sentence using where/whom/whose/who and choose the right answer below:

I - She doesn´t know the name of the girl to.........I saw Monday night.

II - A library is a place.......... children read a lot.

III - A teacher is a professional.......... teach and learn all the time.

IV - A mother is a person.......... enjoy the life with the children.

V - The place........we studied everyday was really marvelous.

1: C
2: C
3: A
4: C
5: C