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Anne With an E fans wage digital war with Netflix over cancellation

    Anne Shirley, the outspoken orphan who first appeared in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, has since appeared in countless movies and television spinoffs – and built a loyal global following. So it should probably come as little surprise that fans of the show’s latest remake – the TV series Anne With an E – are fiercely protective of their heroine. And like Anne, they’re willing to fight for what they believe in.

    The shows coproducers, Netflix and CBC, announced that the drama would be cancelled after three seasons. “People were outraged. The cast and the crew were also blindsided by it,” said Lisa E, a Toronto-based organizer with AWAE Fan Projects. “Everyone loves the show obviously. They just couldn’t believe it.” The day after the announcement, a group of fans took to Twitter with rallying cry: renew the show. The group’s most successful – and most controversial – campaign has been a digital, guerilla-style battle against the two companies.

Adapted from https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/22/anne-with-an-e-show-cancelled-angry-fans

The word “blindsided”, in bold in the text, could be replaced by all the words below, EXCEPT:
Q1663069 Inglês

Woman wins Picasso painting worth €1m in raffle

    An Italian woman has won a painting by Pablo Picasso, worth about €1m (£900,000; $1.1m), in a raffle after being given the ticket as a gift.

    The winning ticket was pulled out during a live draw at Christie’s auction house in Paris.

    The event, which was fundraising for Care charity, had been postponed twice - first to sell more tickets, and then because of coronavirus restrictions.

    The prize painting, Nature Morte, is a still life from 1921.

     It is a relatively small artwork - measuring 9in by 18in (23cm by 46cm) - which shows a glass of absinthe and a newspaper on a table.

    In total €5.1m was raised for the charity by selling 51,000 raffle tickets at €100 each. About 29% of the tickets were sold in France, followed by the US and Switzerland.

    Organisers said that €4.2m of proceeds will go towards clean water projects in schools and villages in Madagascar, Morocco and Cameroon.

    David Nahmad, the billionaire collector from Monaco who supplied the Picasso painting, will be given €900,000. He also donated €100,000 to Care, organisers said.

    “Picasso would have loved an operation like this, because he was someone with a lot of interest in humanitarian and social causes,” sale organiser Peri Cochin told Reuters news agency.

Adapted from www.bbc.com

The meaning of “raffle” in the title is:
Q1659883 Inglês
All the sentences below are correct, EXCEPT:
Q1659876 Inglês

The Printing Press

    If you asked a large number of people what the most important invention has been, many would say the printing press. Others might say the wheel. But even though it’s debatable whether the appearance of the printing press affects the course of history more than the wheel. The printing press ranks within the top two or three inventions in history. Long before the telephone, the TV, the radio and the computer, the written word was the only way to communicate ideas to people too far away to talk with. Until the sixth or seventh century, all books had to be written by hand. Creating a book was difficult, and in comparison with today, very few books existed. Therefore, very few people read books.”

Adapted from Top Noch. 

The word “within”, in bold type in the text, is a______________.
Q1659870 Inglês

Diary: your life day by day

    Most people consider diaries indispensable - a reminder of what they have to do each day. This is especially true in the professional world. A diary can help you keep track of your agenda and make it easier for you to follow a planned schedule. In this sense, it is similar to a notebook with dates in which you write meetings and other things to remember. At school or at work, diaries are very useful.

    However, a diary can be more than a list of appointments: it can be a secret record of private thoughts. People write these diaries for different reasons: for fun or to read them years later. “It makes you think and form an opinion on what you are writing” - when you express your feelings and experiences, it’s easier to overcome your problems; it’s like a therapy.

    Nowadays, some people write e-diaries, called blogs or web logs. “They open their hearts” to other people on the Net.

     In fact, many people, famous or ordinary in fiction or in real life, write diaries.

Adapted from Inglês de olho no mundo do trabalho.

In…“A diary can help you keep track of your agenda”, the underlined words are closest in meaning to:
1: B
2: D
3: D
4: A
5: C