Questões de Concurso Militar PM-MG 2015 para Professor de Educação Básica - Língua Estrangeira Moderna - Inglês

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Q719480 Inglês

Read the sentences below, check C on the correct ones, W on the wrong ones and, then, choose the CORRECT alternative:

( ) There won’t be class tomorrow.

( ) Are there any milk in the fridge?

( ) There are a new supermarket in the neighborhood.

Q719485 Inglês

Regarding the correct use of verb tenses, analyze the sentence below:

Listen! Somebody is knocking on the door! (1st part).

Can you hear it? (2nd part).

The sentence is:

Q719497 Inglês
Read the sentence “I´ve never lived my life fully ____________ I met you.” The best alternative is:
Q719499 Inglês

Fill in the blanks with the right group of words.

Yesterday we spent a day at the camp. I only spent half _______________ hour milking the cows, because I didn´t know how to do it. However, there were _____________________people who knew and would do if I asked them

After that I called the reception just about an hour or two before I wanted to head out and even though they had______________ other riders they just took me and my husband on the horse ride, so it was only us ____________the tour guide; a very nice woman, Joanna. It was out first time riding a horse and she was great _____________ easing our fears, she picked great horses for ____________like us, slowed down at any time and made us feel at ease. She took pictures of _________ on horses with the spectacular valley as the background. It was really an amazing activity!

1: D
2: C
3: D
4: D